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Our Story, Our mission.

Our Story

In 2019 we started Smyle Designs, with a little dream to make ....well...we weren't quite sure at first..
We new we wanted to embrace our creativity and find a commercially viable product...but we also new that we didn't want to be "part of the problem".
It was of utmost importance to us that we create a product that was kinder to the earth and in particular didn't bring MORE plastic in to the world...
Every piece of jewellery in our range starts with our Original Artworks printed on to Recycled Acrylic using non toxic water-based inks.
The cut pieces are then assembled into earrings, studs and pins in our happy little home studio in sunny Brisbane, Australia.
Our products handmade with happiness..
They're extremely light, vibrant and durable.....AND they’re good for the planet!

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to help the planet one ethical purchase at a time.
  • To use sustainably made products as a vehicle for change.
  • To make big change accessible to everyone.
  • For every purchase you make, we donate to the World Wildlife Fund.
  • To creatively recycle.
  • To ethically make.
  • To sustainable source.
  • To put our heart and soul into every product we design.
  • To use our talents and passion to spread Smyles ...and to be kind to the planet.